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In a sense, I am a passionate music collector, hunting for new sounds.

Whether it's scouring radio, and movie soundtracks, or diving deep into the internet, I've always been inspired by music, constantly discovering new music and new feelings.

From ambient to electronic, from reggae to trip-hop. Music guides and inspires me, and I want to bring this inspiration to everyone, creating thoughtful mixes that touch listeners. Alentejo's vibrant mix of cultures fueled my love for #deephouse, #downtempo, and #organica set.



Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 18.29.21.png

I love to play in various settings, each with a unique vibe and experience:


Beach Bars: Perfect for chill, downtempo, and organic sets that complement the relaxed, sun-soaked atmosphere.


Festivals: Energetic and vibrant, with multi-cultural and tribal beats that get the crowd moving.


Clubs: Deep house and techno mixes that keep the dance floor alive all night.


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