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Foam and Sand x Joel Shearer  |  Circle 40                                                                     2024

Dive into the sonic landscapes of "Circle 40," the new single by electronic composer Robot Koch (aka Foam and Sand) and acclaimed guitarist Joel Shearer. This collaboration weaves a tapestry of ambient textures, pulsating drones, and emotive guitar work, creating a musical journey that transcends genres.

Ink Mandala                       2023

Kaleidoscopic visuals created by mirroring the footage of ink merging with each other. 

Jason van Wyk  |  For now           2020

'Opacity' is an album by South African composer and pianist Jason van Wyk, known for its captivating blend of electronic and classical genres. His music features gentle piano, ethereal sounds, and atmospheric textures, resulting in a peaceful and introspective ambiance.

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 21.08.59.png
Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 20.44.55.png

Will Samson |  A Baleai              2019

The album 'A Baleia' is a result of a collaboration between the Brussels-based English musician, Will Samson, and the renowned Dauw label. It offers a captivating and soothing listening experience that is perfect for anyone seeking a moment of calm.

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Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 20.56.01.png

Synkro |  Luminous             2018

With Manchester-based artist Synkro for the ‘Luminous' EP. His music is characterized by dreamy melodies, intricate rhythms, and rich textures, creating a deeply immersive listening experience.

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Cass.  |  Murph's Dream               2016

The music video for Cass.'s 'Murph's Dream' from 'Magical Magical' uses a macro lens creating a serene ambience. Cass.'s is a German DJ and producer based in Berlin, his granular sounds constantly evolve, leading to a peaceful space. 

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 20.44.55.png
Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 22.31.47.png

Submerse  |  Awake             2015

With Bristol-based electronic music producer Submerse for the 'Awake' EP inspired from genres such as hip-hop, soul, and jazz.. His music is characterized by its dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes, lush melodies, and intricate rhythms.

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Arms & Sleepers  |  Life is everywhere   2015

'Life is everywhere' is an album by boston-based composer Mirza, his sound are characterized by atmospheric textures, mellow beats, and dreamy melodies.. 

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Christian Löffler  |  Youth                 2016

The music video for Christian Loffler 'Youth' from 'Mare'. Löffler is a german musician and producer who is primarily known for his work in the genres of electronic and ambient music, often characterized by its melancholic and introspective tone.

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