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Jacob spent his first 12 years in a coastal town named Argeles-sur-Mer in the Occitanie region of France, His father had renovated a house in a small mas, and they grew trees, plants and flowers for the markets. The mas was surrounded by nature at the foot of the Pyrenees, He spent these years playing in the forest and streams like a wild kid, the best days of his life and was forever home.

Following the Pyrenees we ended up in Pau, the capital of the Béarn region, where he studied French cuisine, started his career as a chef, moved out, bought his first camera and made music videos for songs and artists he liked.

In 2014 Jacob was fortunate to meet in Byron Bay (Australia) his future wife and fellow creative Laura Nielen. Her artistic influence inspired him to explore the world of art, and design and to seek perfection. 

Following his interest in videography and sound engineering, he followed film-making and sound engineering courses at the SAE Institute of Amsterdam and had the chance to work with artists I admire.


An eight-month voyage through the mystical land of India forced them to reevaluate their deepest desires and aspirations. 

They both had experience in hospitality and loved receiving people, it gave them a sense of what it takes to create inviting spaces and environments. Venue management became a passion, allowing them to express their creativity in many ways.

Coming back to Europe in 2020, Laura and Jacob managed Villa Hellebosch in Belgium, Alexandra Cool artist residency. Seeking warmth and tranquillity, they discovered Alentejo (Portugal) in 2022 and currently reside as managers of Orada.

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